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Amps Community Ideas Fund

When becoming an Amp, 50% of your support goes toward an innovative Community Ideas Fund which is a cash award each year to enable a new, experimental collaboration between Amps to benefit Dundee.

How does it work?

The Community Ideas Fund exists to spark and resource new collaborations that have creativity and experimentation at the heart of them and that will have a positive impact in the city. Whatever form the collaborations take – from arts of all kinds, storytelling, video games, design, to celebrating, playing, bringing people together and much more – this is your chance to try out your ideas.

Any two or more Amps can pitch an idea each year at the Amps Forum. It’s then over to the Amps community who will decide on the night which idea to award the funding to. Funding and voting are open to all Amps wherever you are.

Help us grow the Fund and make it more accessible by paying forward! Your contribution will be used to support those who are not able to afford their subscriptions and give them access to the Fund. 50% of all subscriptions goes towards the Fund, so the more Amps there are, the bigger the Fund is!

Previous Amps Collaborations

2019 – Put Your Stamp on Dundee

A participatory project to create a giant illustration of the city. A collaboration between illustrators Louise Kirby, Pamela Scott, Laura Darling-Brackenridge and Suzanne Scott.

2018 – The Typography Treasure Hunt

A playful and informative event to allow people to look at and explore their city in a whole new way. A collaboration between designers Ryan McLeod and Connor Finlayson.

2017 – Paper Prototyping

Dancer and choreographer, Gemma Connell, and video games producer, Malath Abbas collaboratively developed and delivered an inclusive and playful experience for young people recovering from domestic abuse, to create a new game using paper prototyping, word games and movement based tasks.

How to submit your idea step by step?

  • To be eligible, your idea needs to be a collaborative project between two or more collaborators in the Amps Network.
  • You can share, discuss and develop ideas with other Amps, and find new collaborators at the Amps regular events and through the Amps Network Slack – or you can get in touch directly with us and we’ll help you get started.
  • The application process starts with the Amps Meet-Up (8th October 2020), a social evening where you get to meet other Amps, hear their ideas and make new connections.
  • To submit your idea, simply complete this short online application form and tell us briefly about your team, your project and how it will benefit the city.
  • The total amount of the Fund will be announced early November and the application deadline is on 22nd November 2020.
  • Your team will pitch their ideas (which will be accessible online too) at the Amps Forum (3rd December 2020). Amps decide which project to award the funding to, wherever they are!

Join the Amps Network


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£40 per year or
£4 per month


Business or organisation

£100 per year or
£10 per month

Pay Forward

Pay what you like to
support Amps and the
creative community
in Dundee.

When you join, your subscription is set to renew automatically each year but may be cancelled within PayPal at any point.

We acknowledge that the cost could be a barrier to joining the Amps Community, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we might be able to support your subscription thanks to people choosing to pay it forward. If you would prefer to be invoiced or would like to discuss a different form of support, just let us know!

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